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Host Instructions and Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in being a host for our watch parties! Below you will find a detailed outline of what to expect the day of the watch parties, what your role as a host will be and post-game instructions.

Pregame Setup:

  • Arrive 45 minutes to an hour prior to kickoff to set up the room. If the venue is not providing a private space or reserved seating, schedule additional volunteers or friends to help hold tables.
  • Greet the servers/hostess staff and ask for their assistance in helping direct any Huskie fans to the designated section.
  • Remind the servers and bartenders that all guests will have their own bar tabs; there is no official NIU bar tab.
  • Greet guests when they arrive and ask them to fill out a raffle ticket and sign-in sheet.
  • Make sure the bar manager/owner has the game on the designated channel.
  • Check that the NIU banner is in a visible location.

During Game:

  • Have guests sign in and fill out a raffle ticket as they arrive.
  • Take photos and post to the NIU Alumni Association Facebook page. *Please refer to the “Photo Guidelines” below.
  • During halftime, conduct the raffle drawing.
  • Collect raffle tickets and announce the prize winner.


  • Thank everyone for attending and remind them of upcoming football games.
  • Clean the space and remove any event swag.
  • Thank the bartender, servers and manager for their help with the watch party.
  • Collect raffle tickets and the sign-in sheet. Please refer to “Mailing Instructions” below for details on how to mail the box back.
  • Fill out the survey (only the watch party host needs to fill this out).

Photo Guidelines:

  • Try to camouflage alcohol or avoid having it in the photo.
  • Take photos of people smiling.
  • Take candid and posed photos.
  • Post photos on the NIU Alumni Association Facebook page at specific times during the game with the following caption: Go Huskies from (bar name, city and state location).
  • Please remember that you will be serving as a representative for the NIU Alumni Association and Northern Illinois University, so make sure any and all photos that are taken reflect NIU in a positive and respectful manner.

 Mailing Instructions:

  • Please include the following in the shipment box after the game concludes:
    • Any leftover NIU swag and event gear
    • Sign-in sheet
    • Raffle tickets
    • Survey filled out by host
  • Put return postage label on box and send to post office

Questions?  Please call Stephanie Poulos at 815-753-1679 or email