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Smith: A Driving Force for Women

August 2nd, 2017

Cameka Smith (’00, M.Ed. ’02) knows a thing or two about what it means to be uncomfortable.

It was in 2009, Smith’s job in higher education was downsizing and as a result she was let go. But looking at everything in hindsight, Smith now understands that it took her being let go and being uncomfortable to create the BOSS Network, Bringing Out Successful Sisters — a network created to promote and encourage small businesses, entrepreneurs and professional development for women. She also operates the initiative Boss on Campus, a nonprofit organization for college students to help them prepare for life after college.

“A lot of times we get comfortable and even though we have things we want to do, we’re not likely to move because it’s comfortable,” said the Chicago native. “If you want to have success or  you want to do something great — get uncomfortable.”

After six months of being let go and going full throttle with the BOSS Network, it was already getting recognized by notable publications like Black Enterprise Inc., Jet Magazine, The Network Journal and more. It was even named as one of 50 best websites for entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine.

At her, Smith talks about how her programs motivate women and the ideas that she instills to help women be the best they can be.

“Being a boss is not about how many followers you have; it’s about how many leaders you create,” Smith said.