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Ramos Markets Himself to Google

June 17th, 2014

Jesse RamosAlumnus Jesse Ramos, class of 2002, emailed NIU about a recent CNN article that highlights him and other minorities as part of a series on the lack of diversity in corporate America.

“I just wanted to share this story with you and to also let you know how grateful I am to NIU and the Chance Program for giving me a chance!” Ramos wrote.

The article profiles Ramos and others who responded to CNN’s request to “why Google should hire you.”

Google received bad press after releasing its first public employee diversity report, which revealed that its employees are overwhelmingly white and male.

According to CNN, Google admitted that the company is “not where we want to be when it comes to diversity.” The report shows that 70 percent of the Google staff are men and 61 percent are white. Asians make up 30 percent, Hispanics represent 3 percent and blacks are 2 percent of the total staff.

Ramos, who works as a business process professional at Wells Fargo, shared the following profile with CNN and why Google should hire him.

Jesse Ramos, 38

Identifies as: Hispanic male of Mexican descent

On diversity in the workplace: “I’ve always been the only minority on all of the teams I’ve worked for. I was the only Hispanic coming into work in a suit every day. The others were either working in the cafeteria or custodians and I was mad about that. But they were proud to see me and always called me ‘Mr. Ramos.’ I think that was good for them to see.”

On his rocky road to success: “I grew up in a lower-middle class neighborhood where gangs were rampant. My parents were immigrants from Mexico. They were extremely hard-working and tried to provide as best they could for us. I unfortunately didn’t appreciate them, or school, when I was young. I eventually dropped out of high school at 16. After a few years of mindless jobs and being lost, I decided I wanted to change my life.”

On what sets him apart: “I analyze a problem, identify why it’s an issue and how to fix it and come up with solutions and implement them. It’s a rarity to see someone comfortable on the analysis side and on the solution side as well. I’m also very comfortable with working with different cultures and ethnicities, and that’s an asset in today’s global tech world.”

Education: M.B.A. with Concentration in Management, Keller Graduate School of Management

B.A. in Psychology with minor in Business Administration, Northern Illinois University

Career highlights: Sr. Business Process Analyst with one of the top banks in the country, with previous positions in project management and decision support analysis

Google team he wants to work for: Business Strategy

CNN is still looking for under-represented individuals who would like to give their take on why Google should hire them.