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NIU Student Creates App for Shopping Deals

January 2nd, 2014

NIU computer science student Ben Gardner has created an app that he hopes will become global. Thousands of businesses have expressed interest in it and local businesses are using it, according to the DeKalb Daily Chronicle.

Gardner and his business partner, Marius Morosanu, have created Dealyhoo, a free app that allows consumers to get deals and coupons from businesses.

The Daily Chronicle reports that local businesses include Giordano’s in Sycamore and Pita Pete’s in DeKalb.

Businesses sign up for the app free of charge and use it to post special events and offers on a dashboard system called the fanbase.

Gardner told the Daily Chronicle that consumers choose when they want to receive updates on the businesses that they’re interested in so they are not interrupted by constant updates.

The inventors are also working on an updated version of the app so users can view and rate items on a restaurant’s menu.

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