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Alumna Launches News Service

November 8th, 2013

Elena HaliczerNIU alumna Elena Haliczer launched a “deep web” online news service today.

Vocativ, a New York-based digital news agency, uses journalists and analysts who speak a variety of languages from outposts around the world to uncover hidden news.

Its goal is to use the deep web, as well as social media, to find stories that other news agencies miss. The deep web refers to information on the Internet that standard search engines overlook.

The search technology is similar to that used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies to gather hidden information. The company uses a dashboard software product called Open Mind, originally marketed as a tool for law enforcement and government agencies, according to

Haliczer has a long list of accomplishments. Her background includes serving as product director of social news for The Huffington Post Media Group; co-founding Adaptive Semantics Inc., which provides semantic analysis software; serving as community and content manager of Games for Change, a nonprofit group focused on the social impact of video games; and working as a marketing specialist with NIU Outreach.

She also received the NIU Alumni Association Outstanding Young Alumni Award in 2012.