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Lady in Red and Black

November 9th, 2012

Created by Barbara Cole Peters in 2006, “Lady in Red and Black: Ode to Northern Illinois” told the history of women at NIU through period garments, news clippings, images, and personal remembrances. The temporary exhibit was displayed at galleries around DeKalb County.

The exhibit has now found a permanent home online, thanks to the work of NIU students. NIU’s Digital Convergence Lab recruited an interdisciplinary team of undergraduate and graduate students to expand Peters’ original concept into a virtual exhibit.

Now live, the exhibit allows online visitors to explore NIU’s past through the eyes of the women who experienced it. Organized by decade, the site gives an overview of the times and their fashions, provides a timeline of campus events, and offers news articles, letters, and poems.

Peters says she is “extremely impressed with the results. Throughout the process, the students were creative, diligent, and professional.”

Visit the exhibit